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‘Life’s not worth a damn, ‘Til you can say, ‘Hey, world, I am what I am’ . Some thoughts on turning 67, February 16, 2014.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant Author’s program note. These kinds of things are happening to me all the time now. I was sitting in a booth at the Cambridge Common Restaurant just the other day and was anxious to enjoy the same American fare I always get there, namely a classic hamburger medium well, fresh lettuce […]

‘and the ladies they will all turn out.’ How war came to Main Street enlisting every single one of us. Some thoughts.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. I was restless the evening of April 18 and so did what I almost never do, turning on the television for some light entertainment. This, however, was not destined to take place. Indeed, there was to be nothing light and no mirth at all for that day and […]

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‘So drop the top, baby, and let’s cruise on into it’s better than ever street.’ The maid did it. Thoughts on Barbara Piasecka Johnson, the world’s 149th richest person, dead at 76, April 1, 2013.

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‘Riders on the storm.’ A nor’easter wallops New England. Its aftermath, Sunday, February 10, 2013. The landscape of our mind changed.

  by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. Whatever you were doing, whatever you thought important a moment before. Whatever your plans, schemes, intentions, wishes and desires, each alone and all together are trumped by the hauteur of wintry weather… a force of Nature, a creation of God which goes where it would and cavorts […]

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‘Varvara’, a story of today’s Russia… of love, lust, deceit… of international intrigue, email, muscles, murder… and poetry. A cautionary tale. | Vavara

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. Dear friends, I am rushing to get the facts of this matter into your hands for it is crucial that you have them… and do everything possible to use them, to protect yourself and your family. For you must be vigilant to ensure that the dire events described […]

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‘Girls, you know what they want.’ Tales of Ma Pfeiffer, the quiddities and contortions of courtship, a world on the edge of destruction. Cornell College,1965. | it's a wonderful life

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. In 1946 Frank Capra (with whom I spent an afternoon while a graduate student at Harvard), produced and directed a film classic that never ages, never palls, never loses its impact or ability to touch our often jaundiced hearts. Its title is “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and at […]

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1965. My year in the heartland. ‘It’s still not too late to leave, Laddie.’ ‘Count me in.’ | Cornell

  by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. I am still unclear even after all these years how I ended up at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa (founded 1853). But it probably went something like this. My grandmother Lura Marshall Lant graduated from Knox College (founded in 1837) in Galesburg, Illinois; it was in the […]

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She’s got the power! The lady with success tied around her little finger… Meet Linda Elze… force of nature, lovable champ, an example to us all. Worldprofit Sales Person of the Year, 2012.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. I am about to do you the biggest favor of your life. For right here, right now I am going to introduce you to a svelte California grandmother named Linda Elze… and I can assure you it’s a contact you will cherish, the way so many all over […]

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‘We’ll always be bosom buddies.’ An appreciation for the lives of Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren and the warring twins who kept America on the straight and narrow, laughing the while. | 'Auntie Mame'

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. In 1955 when I was just 8 one of the happiest of books hit the best seller lists… and launched a glittering palace (it was far too lucrative to be considered just a “cottage”) industry that continues to this very day. The book was Patrick Dennis’ delicious confectionery […]

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U.S. Presidential Libraries. Time for radical rethinking as “Hail to the Chief” gets way out of hand.

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. I admit it. I am a presidential buff. I have been for all of my 66 years. I like reading about them, can’t get enough of their early lives, campaigns, policies and peccadilloes, and the tragedies and obsequies which I regard with the same high seriousness and reverence […]

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