It has been an amazing weekend, 4th of July is special to all Americans, it is the day America Became Independent!
On 4th of July my sister Florence always throws a party at her home on Lake Ontario, the whole family comes from
all different directions, and all walks of life. I have 2 Wonderful Supporting Brothers Bill, & Butch, I also have 2 sisters,
Florence and Barbie, Here I am seen with my Sister in Law Bobbi Jo, she has been with Billy for an awful long time,
they have 7 children between them. The third picture is sun set on Lake Ontario, Lake Ontario is only a couple miles
from my Home. My nephew Kyle, and niece Tiffany are doing sparklers on top a bank at my sister Florences’ home,
The little boy in the chair was the youngest this year, his name is Jayden, His Parents are my nephew Will & Andrea
they are a awesome couple. I Didn’t realize my Brother Bill wasn’t in the Photo Below I will find an Image of Him,
He is the Baby of the Family I can’t forget him!

This is my Baby Brother Bill, William J Hadcock, Sr, With His Wife BobbiJo Johnson

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